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Christopher M.

Andre has been working with our Ellie, let’s just say she is night and day from before! We are rescuing a other little girl and already have him lined up to work with her too! If you want to pay and overpriced trainer that’s on you, but if you want a fair, honest, pup loving trainer that’s Andre Hill!


Ricky E.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andre Hill training dogs for the US Marine Corps both stateside and overseas. He always put in maximum effort into the dogs in his care. His knowledge as both a handler and trainer is proven and no doubt will get the most out of each student sent to him!


Lynnie L.

I highly recommend Andre Hill as a trainer for your dog if they have socialization, aggression, or obedience issues. He is knowledgeable and dedicated to work with you and your pup on any issues you may have. He takes utmost pride in providing the best training possible as well truly caring for your pet. His personal work ethic is unmatched. I would definitely recommend him for all your training needs.


Ashley O.

Andre and Carla are amazing! I highly recommend them to work with your dog for pretty much anything! I had a problem with my male be very dominant over my females and after the two week board and train I got back a whole new dog! It was amazing. Any issue I had or question I had they were right there to help!

✨✨Introducing the most adorable little c

Michelle G.

I want to extend my appreciation for training Jack-Jack. Its been two weeks since he completed your program program and I continue to see the difference training has made. After being home just four days, he began to test the boundaries. I remembered you telling me to continue the training at home in his familiar environment so he  would understand the standards are the same. I took him on a walk giving all the commands we were taught and he quickly fell back in line! You've helped our family tremendously and relieved so much stress!

🌻😎Got to hang out with Rocky 🐾today a

Jessica G.

Andre and Carla are two wonderful people. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for training. They worked with our knucklehead during a time when he needed it the most. Rocky was/is a feisty puppy, constantly biting and just not getting the hint that humans are not chew toys. Andre and Carla worked with him, sending pictures and videos of his progress. He came home being the best boy he could be. I am so thankful to them and their continuous help and support to make sure that Rocky and I succeed in our training afterward.

Luke S.

We initially were introduced to Andre and Carla through our neighbors while looking for a place to board our boxers over the holidays. Our neighbors’ rescue had made huge progress while he stayed with them, so we decided to combine boarding and training. Our young boxer was out of control...barking/growling/jumping at strangers. He spent three hard weeks with them (harder on us than him). We got frequent updates and videos. Our first “visit” was around day 10. He was a completely changed dog. That was the day we got our first “owner” lesson as well...commands/demeanor/walking/etc. He used to pull and bark while walking, he had minimal incidents during our lesson. Fast forward another week for our second lesson. He was even better than the first lesson we got...this lesson we focused on household interactions, more leash control, and a field trip to public places to work on impulse control. At this point I’m realizing we needed as much training as our dog did. Another week later and we were able to set up an “in home” and graduation lesson, but we asked if we could do the lesson at a dog friendly restaurant instead. Andre met us with our dog and showed us how to work in a social setting. We had an absolutely great experience and would highly recommend K371 to anyone, the money is absolutely worth it! We appreciate that they have made themselves available for any additional questions and follow-up training we may have or need. Our other dog was there just for boarding and they made him feel as if he was a part of the family. Thanks for everything Andre and Carla!

Cassie C.

I highly recommend K371 Dog Training. We sent our dog Tracker to them for their 21 day board and train program. We have had Tracker since he was 8 weeks old but as he grew up he became uncontrollable, wild, destructive and we were helpless. Andre and Carla completely transformed him. We got back a sweet, loving, and obedient family dog. He is no longer destructive or unruly. He is now back to being apart of the family with no worry or concern of how he will behave. They are truly miracle workers. We will forever be grateful for all they have done to bring our family back together.

Welcome our newest student in our Board

Krista R.

Our dog Luna was reactive to other dogs, and needed work walking on the leash and other basic manners. After staying with Andre and Carla for two weeks, she came back a different dog! She walks great on the leash now, and is comfortable being around other dogs. They were great at communicating, sending us daily updates on her progress, as well as videos and pictures to make us feel at ease with her being away from home. Thanks so much K371!!


Michelle M.

Andre is great at what he does. He is knowledgeable and passionate in his work. He helped us with our puppy’s obedience and I could not be happier. I highly recommend him!

nila pic.jpeg

Jenice S.

I highly recommend Andre Hill and Carla they are Amazing! I just loved every single thing about them starting from the facility to the results. My dog Nila had some socialization issues after 2 weeks with them we go to dog parks EVERY WEEK! It’s definitely worth it! They send me videos, pictures and updates of her progress, they treated her like family💕 Nila loves them. Thank you sooooo Much!!!

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