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Andre served in the United States Marine Corps as a canine explosive detection handler for 6 years. There he honed his skills as a handler and trainer. He gained knowledge and experience with many kinds of breeds and demeanors. Andre has over 18 years of training experience and specializes in high-drive working dogs. 


Once he separated from the service he worked as a civilian contractor serving the Marine Corps and their working dogs. He trained both dogs and their handlers and found his passion. Andre believes in training the dog in front of him and focusing on educating owners to build stronger bonds.  



Carla served in the United States Army for 4 years as a Veterinarian Technician. She worked with the Army's military working dogs and their handlers.  Providing health care and education on proper care of their partners was a major role in her field.


Carla received her Bachelor's degree from Keiser University in Business Administration.  Her focus is to improve the relationships between owners and their pets by making the experience exciting and educational. 



Trinity is a 5-year-old tricolored American Bully. She has been with Carla & Andre since she was 8 weeks old. She is trained in advanced off-leash obedience & currently preparing to train in odor detection. 


She has such a sweet personality and is a total diva. Her favorite things in the world are sticks, tug, sunbathing, & her tiny humans. Her training style caters to her virtue of patience. She helps dogs feel at ease while in their training program. Never pushy and always playful she leads the pack at K371 Dog Training.

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