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Shadow’s story is like many Military Working Dogs in the service. At the age of 3, in 2006, Shadow began his career serving his country with Andre. He was the most stubborn dog Andre had ever met.

With all that said it was a match made in heaven. The bond forged between handler and his dog was one for the ages. Shadow went on 3 deployments with Andre as his handler, once to Afghanistan and twice to Iraq.

In 2011, Andre left the Marine Corps, but Shadow had to stay behind for another 3 years. He continued to deploy and serve his country. In 2014, at age 11, Andre was able to retire Shadow and give him a forever home.

KILO 371 was Shadow’s tattoo number which was used to identify the Military Working Dogs. During his deployments, Shadow located 3 IED’s and 1 weapons cache, no doubt saving many American lives.

K371 Dog Training is named in honor of Shadow; for his dedication and service to his fellow Marines and the United States of America.   

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